Crane Creek Farm

We believe healthy plants begin with a healthy soil. Beyond an initial tilling to open a field, we use a no-till, deep mulch approach with minimal soil disturbance. The deep mulch provides food and shelter for the worms, who do most of the work for us, and reduces soil compaction and erosion. All of our food is grown using organic practices, but we are not (and do not plan to be) certified organic. We are a small scale farm, and the time and money needed to get and maintain organic certification does not make sense.

Our chickens have constant access to the outdoors. We have two flocks: older hens move into the retirement coop and free range from dawn to dusk. The younger hens, our primary layers, live in a mobile coop during the warmer months and are rotationally grazed, following the cows around the farm to improve pasture health.

We raise Dexter Cattle, a small heritage breed. They are grass-fed and rotationally grazed around the farm. In 2021, we will be adding a bull and beginning our breeding program. The calves are kept with their mothers and the mothers are allowed to naturally wean.